Jinja town is one of the most renowned towns in uganda. Located in Eastern Uganda, Jinja lies approximately 81 kilometres by road East of Kampala. It sits along the northern shores of Lake Victoria near the source of the White Nile.

The city was planned under colonial rule in 1948 and was developed as the industrial town of Uganda. Jinja had the second largest economy in Uganda with many manufacturing and processing industries. In the past, factories chose Jinja as their base because of the nearby electric power station at the Owen Falls Dam. The town’s development retarded and today Kampala and Mukono has surpassed Jinja as industrial towns. However, since the early 2000s, the economy of Jinja has picked up steadily and there are some main economic activities that take place in the business district.

Industrial Town

The Bidco International oil refining company maintains a palm oil factory in the main town. The palm oil fruits come from Bidco’s 6,500 hectares (16,000 acres) plantation on Bugala Island of Lake Victoria. The factory in the island crushes the fruit and crude palm oil is transported to Jinja for refining into edible oil and other products.

Jinja is also home to the Nile Breweries Limited, a large brewery in Eastern Ugnda. This brewery produces the popular Nile Beer.


Jinja is a very safe town. The Qaddafi Military Barracks an institution of the Uganda People’s Defence Force are in Jinja. There is also the Uganda Junior Staff College within Jinja. The town is also the site of the Uganda Senior Command and Staff College another UPDF institution located in the Kimaka neighborhood north of Jinja.


Jinja is a major station for the Uganda Railway Transport Network! It is also a port for Lake Victoria ferries. Though the railway system is nolonger usable for transportation of passengers, there are plans to revamp the train service to Jinja from Kenya.

Jinja has several airports and can be accessed by Air

– there is a small civilian and military airport located at Kimalk about 4 kilometers north of Jinja’s central business district.

– There is also a small airport in the Kakira Sugar Factory

A bridge, known as the New Jinja Bridge is planned across the Nile connecting the town of Njeru to Jinja. Its construction started in 2013 and it is near completion (as per 2018).


Jinja is commonly referred to as the adventure capital of East Africa! This is due to the many adventure activities  that have been developed in the town that one could engage in while on holiday in Eastern Uganda.

Local attractions include;

  • the Source of the Nile in Jinja
  • Lake Victoria
  • Nearby attractions that include the Mabira Forest

Lots of adventure activities can be done in Jinja and some of the most popular activities include

  • White water rafting along the River Nile
  • Excursions to the source of the Nile,
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Factory Tours